Points to Consider for Choosing the Best Catering Company for Your Coming Event

FSW-Start-a-catering-business-servers1When you look forward to a wedding in the family or get involved in organizing business events, providing mouth watering food together with matching beverages to your guests is essential. You want your upcoming occasion to be immaculate, and for that you need to get the best catering service for such speculation. In case you are not an expert in the field of organizing events, some research via web and talking to few friends and acquaintances can help you to finalize the vendor for great catering services. I personally consider these tips which help me to select the best service provider who can ensure me with quality, flavor and appearance of the delicacies and refreshments to be served on the day. I am a worldwide foodie and I trained like most chefs from the teachings of Escoffier.

Some tips have been collated after taking customer feedback, opinions and my own experience into account. They are listed down below so that it can help you to make a right decision.

Professional approach and keen interest to serve 180s

The very first thing you should notice among the caterers whom you have approached is their interest level, responsiveness and personal touch to serve. Some caterers promised high end service and quality of food at competitive rate but may show lack of interest and responsiveness by not returning calls on time, discouraging your preferences interest etc. Needless to say, you should never both all those agencies and must consider the one who matches your parameters. After all, it’s your party where your reputation is a major concern. I always wish to have a human touch blended with professionalism and kept this parameter to be one of my deciding factors.

Apt for my event or not

Jodie & Zachs wedding 2Some caterers are good in handling one particular type of event but which may not be apt for your event. Some caterers posses skills of managing smaller events and never got an exposure to handle bigger ones. Some caterer who is good in organizing marriages and picnics may lack capability in organizing seminars and conferences. You should consider domain experts with good track records. Asking for professional portfolios and track record can help in developing a fair idea about their previous work. Also check how equipped they are. For example, welcoming your guests with some starter food items together with a fantastic cup of coffee really important with industry guests. So, check if they are upto date with the newest range of coffee machines like our friends at http://www.freshboost.com.au, otherwise without an amazing extraction of coffee you really wont get a great tasting espresso shot and a great event needs to start and end with a bang and impression.

Flexibility for food menu

bar-1238379_1920In most cases caterers have their own preset menu and some caterers are rigid about offering any kind of flexibility to it, they even give different excuses. Prefer the caterer who shows respect to the requests made for one or two items as per requirement.

Professional approach of providing tasting options

No caterer can assure about their taste and quality of food unless you get an option for testing their service. I never believe in shying away from asking the caterer for tasting options.

Familiarity with the event venue

While making a selection of the caterer always prefer to choose the one who is familiar with the location and prevailing norms of the venue finalized for the upcoming event. It helps to acquire necessary materials required for the arrangement for the event and also to avoid any type of administrative dispute with the venue owner which often happens with subjects like water, electricity, waste disposal etc.

Proper communication of the desired service

Event ImageAlways believe in communicating desired type of service in a very clear manner. This should encompass information like type of food presentation, servings to be offered and so on. Unless these instructions are clearly stated to the service provider there can be mismatch of expectation and rendered services.

Reference check options

There is no harm in asking for reference check contact numbers and name of the client who has availed the service of the caterer before. I always follow this thumb rule and it has always helped me to take the right approach. Many reputed caterers provide such details even without asking which proves their professional approach and honesty towards the job.

Accident Insurance

While enjoying an important event you would definitely not like to get dragged into any kind of hassle created by mistake committed by the catering service provider or any staff of them. Always opt for reputed caterers for all occasions that are benefitted with insurance cover for any type of loss, damage or accident.

Accountability of the chefs and other staffs

chef_female_kitchen_350In this business there is no guarantee that longer the catering service is into the business, better will be the taste of the food. It is important to check the availability of the relevant chefs for my desired cuisine. The service boys should be well groomed and adequately trained to attend your guests without which the event can simply be a mess.

Service cost

While dealing with the above mentioned points you should never go off the track when the cost of the service is concerned. Share your maximum budget for the desired service and try and choose the caterer who meets the requirement at best without any hidden charges. This should be done at the initial stage itself so that there is no further confusion. Cancellation charges and policy adopted by the caterer should be clearly discussed and understood before agreeing.

Availability of the staffs on the event day

The staff availability can be a matter of concern especially if the event is going to take place in busy season. The caterers try to bring less number of staffs in order to save wages but before signing the contract always is sure about the type and number of staffs needed on the day of event. The staff need for Buffet, sit down arrangement and bar counters are different from each other so the requirement must be conveyed very clearly to the service provider.

Full Cocktail and Bar Service with Magic Mojitoslucker-catering-team-7-l

Reaching the right choice

In order to find the best food providing caterer for my occasion you must have reasonable plan backed by the procedures to be followed as discussed above in this article. This will help you to make the event remarkable for years and in case of professional event you can create a mark. I would recommend the above discussed steps to be followed by everyone who wants to organize some event as basic tips as an aide along with following my own instincts.

In the event when you think the food provider whom you are considering is not exAttractive young barman is making drinks in pubactly conscientious, don’t hesitate in proceeding onward to another until you locate an expert who can meet the greater part of the requirements. Always keep in mind, that the success of any occasion depends upon the decision of choosing the right catering company as they and their quality of service will be representing you on the day. Whatever impression they will create in the mind of the guests will lead an impact on your reputation and you should never leave any stone unturned to make it positive.

The idea of writing this article was to share my own views and recommendations which can act as decision making tip for novice people who have been assigned the task of organizing some event where food is of utmost importance. I hope after reading this article friends and folks can develop a fair idea of dealing with such responsibility. I have tried to include all aspects related to decision making and finalization of the caterer for any event and hope it helps. All the very best for your upcoming event and wish all the success for the same!!!